Redefining Food Safety: Global Compliance at its Best

Seamless Integration, Compliance, and Brand Protection Through an Industry-Leading Management System.

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Consumers rightly demand unparalleled safety in the food they consume, so delivering a flawless supply chain solution that meets rigorous quality standards is essential. As the food industry grapples with increasing regulatory demands and complex compliance mandates, having a unified food safety management system becomes essential.


  • Streamlined process for seamless onboarding of new customers.

  • Global real-time visibility of compliance status.

  • Empowered with data insights for continuous improvement and trend identification.

When you serve one of the world’s most famous brands, you take pride in protecting it every day and every minute in each of our operations.

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Before our innovative overhaul, the landscape presented challenges such as limited global visibility of standards requirements, restricted avenues for sharing best practices, and duplications in standards implementation. These issues often inhibited an efficient workflow and the realization of full potential in food safety management.

With the aim to transform and elevate, our enterprise-wide compliance management system was introduced. This system not only ensures the highest food safety standards but also provides much-needed protection for customer brands. 

Key features include:

  • Comprehensive structure for quality management – spanning audits, document management, risk management, to corrective action reporting.

  • Collaborative partnership with the Global Data and Analytics Team for enhanced Power BI reporting, enabling trend and rapid root cause identification and actionable insights.

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The journey, launched in 2018, saw collective efforts from quality leaders across all eighteen markets. Today, the outcome speaks for itself. Swift onboarding processes for new customers, streamlined processes, and the ability for real-time global compliance tracking. These enhancements play a crucial role in upholding customer trust and ensuring brand integrity.

From an industry perspective, our system offers an end-to-end supply chain compliance solution, giving unparalleled assurance to our customers. As we move ahead, our vision integrates seamlessly with other food safety-related tools within our ecosystem, such as product claims management and supply chain temperature monitoring, making us an indispensable partner in the global food industry.

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