Martin Brower Pilots Tesla All-Electric Semis

  • Stockton, CA
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Recently, Martin Brower (MB) partnered with Tesla to pilot the use of all-electric Semis out of our Stockton, California distribution center (DC).  Martin Brower is among several companies in the US to use the Tesla Semi.

As part of our strategic sustainability goals, Martin Brower is committed to being the leader in creating net-zero logistics solutions for our customers and reducing our climate impact through science-based targets.

The key to accomplishing our sustainability goals is to create a resilient fleet of the future by deploying the latest alternative fuel technologies, which Tesla is a leader in. Piloting the Semi within our fleet was a natural step towards achieving that goal.

The pilot ran earlier this year and included two all-electric Semis running routes to restaurants serviced by our Stockton DC.

A group of five MB drivers, Frank Solari, Leo Alvarez, Casey Kamp, Carlos Nava, and Javier Hernandez, were trained to operate the Tesla Semi, which uniquely positions the steering wheel and driver’s seat in the center of the cockpit and has other design features to increase driver visibility and safety. Overall, our drivers had positive feedback on how the vehicle performs.

Currently, the Tesla Semi can travel up to 500 miles on a single charge and reach a full charge quickly using a Semi Charger.

Chargers could be installed on-site at a DC and would further lower our carbon footprint as all our US DCs are fully powered by renewable energy.

Martin Brower will review the results of the pilot to consider implementing the Tesla all-electric Semis into our West Coast fleet as California state regulations will begin to push zero-emission vehicles starting in 2026-27.

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