Martin Brower Australia Integrates First Electric Delivery Truck Into Their Fleet

  • Sydney, Australia
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Volvo Group customer and leading supply chain provider Martin Brower has introduced its first electric delivery truck into its Australian fleet. As a key distributor for McDonaldʼs, Martin Browerʼs new 8-pallet Volvo FL electric refrigerated truck will deliver 7 days a week to McDonaldʼs restaurants across the greater Sydney metropolitan area. It can hold up to 4.6 tons and has up to 230 kilometers of range, tailored to the demands of urban restaurant deliveries.

With zero tailpipe emissions, the truck emits no harmful pollutants during operations, improving air quality, reducing fuel consumption and reducing noise in local neighborhoods.

“Itʼs fantastic to join forces with Martin Brower on our fossil-free transport journey,” says Greg Sargeant, Dealer Principle VCV Australia.

“Working alongside companies that reflect not only our core values but also our mission is extremely rewarding.” 

“Our challenge is to move the world we want to live in and Iʼm pleased to partner with another global business, acting locally to make a difference in Australiaʼs largest city.”

Martin Brower has been a key supply chain partner for McDonaldʼs in Australia since 1971 when it opened its first restaurant in Yagoona in Sydney. They operate a fleet of approximately 200 vehicles, delivering products and stock to McDonaldʼs restaurants across the country.

Martin Brower works closely with the restaurant leader to find innovative ways to minimize environmental impacts and reduce transport emissions across their supply chain. They aim to achieve net-zero GHG emissions globally by 2050 and are targeting a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.

“The delivery of this first electric truck for the region is just one part of our broader sustainability strategy to decarbonise our operations and achieve our 2030 emissions reduction target,” says Scott Hanigan, Managing Director ANZ, Martin Brower.

Managing Director ANZ, Martin Brower

“While we recognise there is a lot of progress to be made in the heavy electric vehicle space, we are excited to work with Volvo to better understand how we can integrate this new technology into our fleet moving forward.”

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