Empowering a Greener Tomorrow: Martin Brower's 100% US Renewable Energy Drive

Harnessing the Power of the Sun for a Carbon-Neutral Tomorrow.

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Modern business simply has no alternative but to explore the impact of their practices on the environment, urging companies to reevaluate their carbon footprints. Recognizing this urgency, we took a major step forward, partnering with like-minded stakeholders to establish a 2,700-acre solar farm in Texas.


  • 100% carbon-neutral electricity for the next 12 years.

  • Facilitating a state-of-the-art solar farm in Texas.

  • A leadership position in the McDonald's Supply Chain towards green energy.

  • Equivalent of eliminating 19,666,000 trucking miles annually.

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While Martin Brower's commitment to reducing its carbon emissions by at least 40% per ton delivered by 2030 was already a great step, the identification that electricity contributed to almost 50k tons of carbon annually drove further action. With the US being responsible for 74% of this figure in 2021, a significant transformation was needed.

Embarking on this green journey, Martin Brower delved into understanding Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements (RE PPAs). Identifying the perfect project, the company rallied the entire US distribution network. Their initiative didn't stop there. By bringing McDonald's into the fold, Martin Brower could further bolster their carbon-neutral commitment.

The US business is proud to have led our entire US distribution network to 100% carbon-neutral electricity through our RE VPPA. This demonstrated our and our customer’s commitment to reducing our carbon footprint! The VPPA allows us to significantly reduce our footprint while contributing to helping make the broader US electrical grid greener as well!

Vice President, US Quality and Sustainability

The result? A solar farm, operational since Q4 of 2022, designed to offset 100% of the US electricity carbon footprint. This massive leap helped cut global electricity carbon emissions by an astonishing 80% from baseline figures.

Some benefits:

  • An annual reduction of 40k tons of carbon.

  • Coverage for 100k megawatt-hours of electrical demand for over a decade.

  • Significant carbon reduction equivalent to eliminating 19,666,000 trucking miles every year.

  • Transport interchange

Martin Brower's renewable initiative hasn't just reduced its carbon footprint; it has firmly positioned the company as a trendsetter in the McDonald's Supply Chain. With McDonald's now urging all its US suppliers to explore similar green options, Martin Brower's efforts serve as a benchmark for industry standards.

Looking to the horizon, while the solar farm initiative marks a significant stride towards the company's Science Based Targets, it's just the beginning. Martin Brower is already exploring similar eco-friendly projects in Canada and other markets.

Join Martin Brower in its journey towards a sustainable, green future.

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